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At Hahn Ready Mix, using innovative technologies to improve the way we operate is one of our guiding principles. Our goal is to be the most technologically advanced ready mix company in the area, driving better service and superior product. Some of our exciting technologies we have implemented include:

We're Tracking Each and Every Truck, To Ensure Premium Service.

GPS – We’re tracking each and every truck, to ensure premium service.

Mobile Jobsite – This customer app is quite the handy tool, where you can place and edit orders, monitor ongoing pours, see where your next truck is, and review key KPI’s like yards/hour of past pours.

Electronic Ticketing – Tired of entering in your tickets at the end of each day? We can just email them to you! (Coming Soon)

Fully Optimized Dispatching – Utilizing similar technology to companies like UPS, our dispatch optimization engine helps us utilize our equipment most effectively, getting more concrete out the door faster.

Turn-by-Turn Directions – All drivers have a tablet in the truck providing them turn by turn directions to your jobsite.

Admixtures – We are constantly trialing and evaluating new admixtures to help create concrete solutions to even the most difficult problems.

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Hahn Ready Mix employees are FAMILY. We believe in our people. We believe in fair shots and second chances. We work hard, we work smart, and we work together safely. Most importantly, at the end of each day, we get to be home.

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